Tuesday, 8 December 2009

CFAD Meet With the IMC in Belfast

Last month in it's 22ND report, the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) alleged that Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) were, 'a vigilante group who was responsible for a number of punishment shootings and pipe-bombings of suspected Drug Dealers' in the North Belfast area.
Although, we were surprised and dismayed at these unfounded allegations, given that the IMC had not contacted CFAD before issuing its report. CFAD complained to the IMC through our legal representative and were subsequently invited to meet with the IMC today (8/12/09).
The meeting itself was courteous despite the 'charges' being levelled against us by the IMC. We were glad to have been able to put our case forward to the nine Commissioners and left them in no doubt about the growing scourge of drugs and associated crime in our community. We also informed them of our group's success in exposing Drug Dealers to the wider community and how, two leading Dealers had been able to purchase and run a garage directly facing Antrim Road Barracks in which the RUC/PSNI Drug Squad have its offices.
We also made the point of how some so-called Community Workers who are also members of North Belfast Sinn Fein who have been deeply involved a smear campaign against our group and activists. Instead of helping to produce the resources needed to tackle deprivation and hopelessness in working-class areas such as, Ardoyne. CFAD also detailed the lack of targeting of known drug dealers by the RUC/PSNI in the area and how these parasites were still able to swan about the area in their flash cars selling children dangerous drugs. While some of these teenagers were now addicated to these substances and had involved themselves in serious criminality to fund their habits.
Finally, CFAD told how to date none of its members had been arrested, questioned or charged with any illegal activities connected to our anti-drug campaign. We now await the IMC's findings and hope an apology is included.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Arrests of CFAD Members was Politically Motivated

Political Policing: The RUC/PSNI
Throughout the past year or so, CFAD has taken a large amount of dangerous narcotics off the streets, highlighted the scourge of drugs in working-class communities and exposed dozens of drug barons to the wider public. Our record speaks for itself and people who live in Nationalist areas of North Belfast know only too well, the positive impact our anti-drug campaign has had.
Unfortunately, there are a small number of highly-paid Community Workers/Sinn Fein members. Who have engaged in a concerted campaign of vilification, rumours and lies about every member of the CFAD collective. We have strong evidence of this behaviour and many of us have logged this with our Solicitor to ensure we were not railroaded to Court by the RUC/PSNI on spurious charges.
In July of this year, Aidan Ferguson CFAD Activist was brutally arrested by the RUC/PSNI under the watchful gaze of television cameras who had been tipped off to wait outside Mr. Ferguson's home. Thankfully, Aidan was released without charge a few hours later. Due to the unbalanced nature of the media coverage, Aidan and his young family were forced to move home after he and his wife received death threats from Loyalist Paramilitaries.
Last month, the 'Independent' Monitoring Commission (IMC) included CFAD in it's 22Nd Report, which claimed that we had been involved in a number of shootings of drug dealers and had been responsible for pipe-bombings in North Belfast. The Commission also claimed CFAD was a 'Vigilante group' .
The following week Irish tabloid newspaper, The Sunday World, printed an unsubstantiated article which claimed that CFAD was linked to the armed Republican group, ONH. The story included the names and photographs of prominent members of CFAD and stated that we were 'intent on bringing the North back to the bad old days of the Troubles'.
In direct response to these serious allegations, CFAD Spokesman, Martin Og Meehan was detained by the RUC/PSNI at a checkpoint on Sunday 29th November, 2009. He was badly assaulted by two members of the patrol who proceeded to spray a number of bursts of CS Gas into his face before he was handcuffed and arrested. Mr. Meehan immediately demanded medical assistance because he suffers from a serious heart condition and was bluntly informed; he will have to wait until he See's a Doctor. Martin eventually seen a 'Police Doctor' after some two hours who informed the RUC/PSNI they needed to take the prisoner to Hospital immediately. Before releasing the former Republican prisoner, he was informed that he would be charged with assaulting a Police Officer at a later date. Martin Og has since contacted his Solicitor and the Police Ombudsman's Office to pursue a complaint at the heavy-handiness of his arrest.
Later the same night, another prominent member of CFAD, Thomas Cosgrove was walking home. When he was also detained and questioned by the RUC/PSNI in Ardoyne. After refusing to answer one particular question, he too was assaulted, handcuffed and arrested. Mr. Cosgrove was held for a number of hours in custody before being charged with assaulting a Police Officer and released on bail. During his arrest, Thomas was approached by two members of the Special Branch who informed him, 'if you don't give us information we wish to have, your life will be hell'. He rightly refused to assist them in their quest for information about CFAD activities. Around twelve hours after his release, Thomas' home was given a full search by the RUC/PSNI.
Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) demand the immediate end to RUC/PSNI harassment and intimidation and call on fellow community groups and Politicans to show solidarity with us. We also call upon those so-called Republicans attempting to smear us, to have a shred of decency and join the 21st century. Finally, our anti-drug campaign will continue unabated!

Friday, 27 November 2009

CFAD Respond to Statement by Nigel Dodds

A Chara,

CONCERNED FAMILIES AGAINST DRUGS (CFAD) categorically rejects the recent statement by Nigel Dodds M.P. In which he states we are a ‘vigilante group seeking to usurp the rule of law and order and using violence’ for our own ends. Unfortunately, Mr. Dodds has used comments by the IMC concerning CFAD to accuse us of ‘indulging in criminal attacks’.

CFAD have never been involved in actions described by the DUP Deputy-Leader and are at a loss as to why the MP has set us up as a target? This dangerous felon-setting has now targeted us and our activists for arrest, imprisonment or worse, killing by Loyalist Paramilitaries.

CFAD was established in September, 2008 as a radical and community-based collective to campaign against the upsurge of drug abuse and associated criminality in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. Ever since, a number of Sinn Fein- linked Community Workers and certain Journalists have without evidence attempted to smear, vilify and criminalise us. To date, this particular strategy has failed miserably and in recent days, the Sunday World and right-wing North Belfast MP, Nigel Dodds have sought to link us with armed Republican groups.

We are an open and independent collective that consist of local parents, residents and community activists committed to tackling illegal drugs, raising awareness and building a safer community. We have also provided a focus for the community with a series of protests, exposures and of course community lobbying. We are not an armed group, nor are connected to any armed groups. The DUP Deputy-Leader, has yet had the decency to contact CFAD, ahead of issuing his allegations against us.

Finally we suggest, that the negative energies of the DUP/Sinn Fein and these Journalists would be better spent questioning the inactivity of highly-paid Community Workers and the PSNI who clearly do nothing to seriously combat drugs and related crime in working-class communities across North Belfast. Obviously this failure has created a void whereby Republican groups have exploited the situation. For our part, CFAD will continue to identify, expose and confront the scourge of drugs in Ardoyne and our anti-drug campaign will continue unabated.

Le Meas,
Martin Og Meehan

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CFAD Highlight New Lodge Drug Find

Sammy Cusick (CFAD) with the Cannibis Plants
Early this morning (18th November, 2009) a number of North Belfast parents walking their children to school. Discovered the remnants of three large cannibis plants in the New Lodge area, close to the Star of the Sea Primary School. They immediately contacted Concerned Families Against Drugs, who contacted the School Principal and local community workers.
'CFAD condemn the drug dealers for leaving these dangerous plants outside school and urge local parents, youth workers and the wider community to be vigilant as to the dangers of drugs!
We also thank parents, the New Lodge C.E.P. and Principal for helping us take these safely off the streets'.
Drug Barons remain the most potent problem in working-class communities today. They don't care about ordinary people and only add to anti-social activity, crime and misery.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

IMC Respond to CFAD

The following e-mail was sent to the IMC on November 5th, 2009:

A chara,

'It is with great dismay and disgust that we witnessed your Commission named Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) as being 'behind the rise in shootings and pipe-bombings in Belfast'.
Firstly, we would like to register our complaint that no-one from the IMC has had the decency to contact CFAD before including scurrilous allegations against us in your 22nd Report....
CFAD would also like to know, given the basis of your report. Where did you recieve your information? Where did the IMC gain this information from? Regards shootings and pipe-bombings etc, connected to drug dealers....CFAD have never been involved in such actions therefore, are at a loss as to why the IMC has set us up as a target? This dangerous felon-setting has now targeted us and our members for arrest, imprisonment or worse killing by Loyalist Paramilitaries.
CONCERNED FAMILIES AGAINST DRUGS (CFAD) was established in September, 2008 as a community-based, radical and campaigning pressure group. In response to growing problem of young people involved in drug abuse and associated criminality in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. We consist of local parents, residents and community activists committed to addressing the scourge of drugs and building a safer community. Our aim is to tackle drug dealers, through an effective anti-drug campaign and raising awareness about the dangers of drugs. Since our foundation, CFAD has provided a focus to reduce the availability of drugs. With a series of protests, exposures and of course political and community lobbying.

CFAD challenenge you (IMC) to produce evidence of illegal activity by our open community group and if not then retract your statement. Otherwise, we will seek legal advice on this serious matter'.

Is Mise,
Martin Og Meehan
Concerned Families Against Drugs

Here is the IMC response, dated 10th November, 2009:

Dear Sir

Thank you for your recent communication.

The issues you have raised have been brought to the attention of the Commissioners for their consideration.

Yours faithfully
Alison J White
Joint Secretariat

CFAD now await a full apology from the IMC Commissioners........

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

CFAD Reject IMC Claims

A Chara,

CFAD categorically deny the scurrilous allegations levelled at our community group by the NON-Independant Monitoring Commission and so-called Sinn Fein 'community workers' who clearly do nothing to seriously try and combat the scourge of drugs and related crime in our areas.

These same inactivists call on our beleaguered communities to support the RUC/PSNI who readidly recruit the suppliers and dealers of death and destruction.....Statement Ends


Sunday, 27 September 2009

Lethal drug blamed for rise in number of people hospitalised

Ardoyne Priest, Fr. Gary Donegan & Martin Og Meehan of CFAD

A batch of a potentially fatal cocaine-based drug has been discovered just days after a young West Belfast man lost his life following a suspected overdose. The new drug, a type of freebase cocaine that goes under the street name ‘Magic,’ is being blamed for a rise in the number of young people attending local hospitals for treatment.
For the second time in weeks, CFAD discovered lethal drugs in the Greater Ardoyne area and met with two local Priests to not only highlight the ongoing problem but to also have these narcotics disposed of safely.
Concerned Families Against Drugs also take this opportunity to reject media claims that it was involved in issuing death threats against Ardoyne residents. CFAD are a community-based organisation campaigning for an end to the drugs scourge in our area and do not issue threats of this nature. It would be productive for the RUC/PSNI to give those people threatened proper information, rather than giving them limited news about their personal security.
For our part, CFAD continues the struggle against drug dealers who plague our community with deadly drugs.......

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Children find deadly drugs haul in street - CFAD

CFAD Member, Sammy Cusick

A DEADLY haul of drugs, including the powerful horse tranquilliser ket-amine, has been discovered by children after being abandoned in a north Belfast street. The mix, which included Class A drugs, was found by children playing in a built-up residential area in the Oldpark area of North Belfast this week. A local Parent then contacted CFAD who subsequently passed the haul to the Sacred Heart Parish Priest, Ciaran Dallat for safe disposal.........

Irish News - Allison Morris - 5/9/09

CFAD again demand that Drug Dealers come forward and make themselves accountable to the local community and immediately desist from their immoral trade........

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Political Arrest Due to CFAD Membership

An Ardoyne man arrested last week in connection with an alleged gun attack on the RUC/PSNI during the 13th July riot and later released 'unconditionally'. Has said his arrest was politically motivated because of his involvement with anti-drugs group, CFAD.

Aidan Ferguson was at home last Wednesday morning with his Wife and children, when the RUC/PSNI smashed his front door down and brutally arrested him.

The 28 year-old was dragged from the family home and into a waiting armoured jeep in the full glare of television cameras which was later broadcast on the BBC and Internet. He was then taken to Antrim PSNI Barracks and held for around 24 hours before being freed.

Mr. Ferguson is a prominent member of Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD), the Ardoyne drugs pressure group which has held numerous protests outside the homes and businesses of drug dealers and raided their homes and confiscated substantial amounts of illegal narcotics.

'I have had a number of death threats, most recently after my arrest because of my involvement with CFAD. I have also been warned by leading members of Sinn Fein and others linked to the Party in North Belfast that I was going to be charged with something and end up in prison'.

'Afterwards, I contacted my Solicitor and informed him of the smears and vilification against me and that I would be blamed on something, I didn't do. I was set-up and identified by the same people, some of who sat and watched my unjustified arrest. I don't agree with the PSNI or Sinn Fein's strategy and that's why I was targeted for arrest'.

The Ardoyne father also accused the RUC/PSNI of heavy-handedness during the arrest and of tipping off the media about the raid on his home. (See Video on this Blog) 'They were completely over the top and a pile of them dragged me out of the house in front of my partner, eight year-old son and new-born baby. There were TV camera's there, ready and waiting and I was used as a political scapegoat for the rioting. The cops needed to be seen to do something and picked me'.

CFAD condemn the continued politically motivated smears and rumours against our members by North Belfast Sinn Fein and Community Inactivists who choose to to turn the other way and ignore the huge problems caused by drugs and associated crimes. That have led to the recent targeting and brutal arrest of one of our activists.

Nonetheless, we will continue to identify, expose and confront the scourge of drugs in Ardoyne and beyond. Our anti-drug campaign will continue unabated.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Earlier this evening, CFAD Activists raided a drug factory in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. They seized a substantial amount of illegal drugs, plants and other equipment which was later handed over to a local Passionate Priest for disposal.

Concerned Families Against Drugs remain committed to ridding our community from the evil of drugs and this seizure is one in a long line of anti-drug initatives that our activists have been involved! Others such as education, naming and shaming of dealers and the picketing of homes of barons remain part of our long-term startegy.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Drug Awareness Nite

Ardoyne Community Centre

Tuesday 2nd June 2009

7pm - 9pm

Find Out the Facts about Drugs.

Get Expert Help and Advice

Parents & Young People Welcome

Organised by CFAD in Association with

New Life Counselling.

Dunlewey Advice Centre.

Falls Community Council.


Monday, 11 May 2009

CFAD reply to Sean Cassidy letter

CFAD would like to clarify a number of points in relation to the letter from Sean Cassidy in last week’s NBN.

CFAD did not attempt to persuade anyone to kill Sean Cassidy; CFad did not plant a pipe bomb at his home; CFAD did not fire on his home in 2008; Cfad did not paint any graffiti on walls about him; CFAD did not phone him to extort money.

CFAD states categorically that if Sean believes we did any of the above, he should phone the PSNI and name the CFAD individuals he believes to be involved.

However CFAD did meet Sean in a car on the Westland Road. We also asked Sean to come forward in the sanctuary of the chapel to reveal anything he knew about the importation and distribution of drugs.

CFAD knows that criminal elements did attempt to extract money from Sean and that this occurred both by phone and through face to face threats by known criminal elements in Ardoyne.

CFAD met with political representatives of groups allegedly connected to these individuals and informed the groups of the names of the people involved in extortion.

CFAD states clearly that it has no influence over people or groups who seek to exploit our efforts to tackle the drugs scourge.

As for Sean, he admitted that he personally snorted £100,000 of cocaine. Sean needs to explain how he funded this drug habit. He also needs to tell his family and friends the whole truth and stop them from making fools of themselves in the streets. Ridiculous counter claims against CFAD members’ families are just feeble attempts to deflect the truth.

However CFAD must also say that Sean and many of its members have known each other a long time and were considered friends by both parties. So this is not a vendetta nor a purge against Sean’s family but rather an attempt to tackle an insidious evil which poses a grave threat to our community.

In conclusion let us remind ourselves of Sean’s words last week: ‘no-one more than myself knows the dangers, pain and loss that comes with hard drugs.’

Herein lies the crux of the matter, Sean knows the pain and suffering that drugs cause.
The people dealing in drugs know the destruction caused, turning children into criminals, thugs and thieves dependant on drugs; families turning against each other, mother against son, family against family; loss, pain, suffering and sometimes death. This is reality.

This is Sean’s contradiction, he says he understands, but he won’t come forward and help to end it. If he wants to set the record straight Sean knows what he has to do.


Cassidy Letter to the North Belfast News

Following a series of malicious incidents against myself and my family, I feel I have to respond to the North Belfast public.The first incident occurred two years ago whilst I was away getting married when my name appeared on walls throughout the area stating that I was a drug dealer. I and my family ignored this and put it down to sheer jealousy.

Shortly afterwards my wife’s car was destroyed with acid, again we chose to ignore it.In January 2008 my home was targeted by drunken gunmen using automatic weapons. This was a step too far. I confronted the people I knew to be guilty of this cowardly act.

Admissions were given to me by the people involved, they also informed me that they were persuaded to kill me by the same people who are continuing this vendetta against me.

Following that incident there were leaflets distributed around mine and my mother’s neighbours. I responded to this deed by doing a leaflet drop of my own, only this leaflet contained the absolute truth. My wife at that stage was six months pregnant, expecting our first son. Tragically our son was stillborn.

One week later as we stood at our son’s graveside trying to come to terms with our loss, I received a phone call from people claiming to be from an anti-drugs group demanding £40,000. In return for this money, they could guarantee that this campaign against me would stop. I did not have £40,000 to give them and informed them so.

On at least a dozen occasions I have spoken to members of CFAD, continually guaranteeing that my involvement with drugs had ceased long before this self appointed group came into existence.I would also like to take this opportunity to guarantee your readers that I am not a drug dealer nor am I laundering drug money, as was stated in their last piece of literature about me.

Before Christmas the PSNI informed me that I was under threat and my life could be in danger. This reinforced my desire to met with CFAD and put the record straightOnce and for all, and as Father Gary Donegan will confirm, there was a meeting arranged for two o’clock on a December afternoon in the monastry. Ten minutes prior to the meeting taking place Fr Gary phoned me and told me that CFAD had cancelled the meeting. This left me without the chance to challenge their allegations.

Also there was a pipe-bomb left outside my home in my work van. My street had to be evacuated, elderly and young included.Then on Saturday past, a number of men went to a car wash that I previously owned, distributing leaflets again accusing me of being a drug baron and laundering money through this car wash. However to their disappointment and my amusement a member of staff informed these people that the car wash was closed due to the fact that the rent could not be afforded by the previous owner.

These men then knee jerked and had an ad hoc protest outside our family owned shop. My family confronted the people involved in this protest yet again, all to no avail.I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my past, which is no worse than a lot of young people who grew up in socially disadvantaged areas such as Ardoyne.But it is just that, THE PAST.However given this ongoing campaign of deceit, lies and torture against me and my family, I have come to the decision to leave my family home as my wife is expecting another child and as is at the same stage of pregnancy now as she was when we lost our child last year. I am not leaving through fear of these people or their lies, I just cannot place my family in such a dangerous environment.

Finally I would like to add that no one more than myself knows the dangers pain and loss that comes with hard drugs as I was addicted to cocaine myself for several years.

Sean Cassidy, Ardoyne

13 Year Old Cocaine Users In Ardoyne

A North Belfast community worker who ‘thought he had seen it all’ has spoken of his horror at finding a local child snorting cocaine.

Fernando Murphy, a youth worker saw the 13 year-old taking the Class A drug on an Ardoyne street a fortnight ago. Shortly after his shocking discovery, he found another 13 year-old smoking a bong in the same area.

Fernando who has worked with young people for over 16 years said he, ‘never thought anything could get to me the way this has’ before an emotional plea to parents and drug dealers on the issue.‘I want to make a plea to the drug dealers to stop selling drugs to kids, because they are ruining lives for the sake of a few pounds’.

Parents also need to know what is going on in Ardoyne. Some of them seem to think letting their kids drink in the street is okay because they know where they are. But standing about drinking only leads to trying to take drugs and eventually anti-social behaviour’.

Fernando, who was with a trainee youth worker when he witnessed the drug taking, said the student was so shocked by these incidents, she considered giving up youth work altogether, a reaction he said he understood.

Fernando said drug dealers in the area were deliberately targeting young people. ‘Drugs are commonplace in many social circles but this age group is far too young to be dealing with these effects. My own son is nearly 11 – I can’t help thinking if this sort of situation is going to affect him?’

Justine Brown, Health Officer with the North Belfast Partnership supported Fernando’s plea. ‘It has been quite well documented there has been an increase locally in younger folk drinking. Then this leads to more risk-taking behaviour ie: drug taking and sexual activity. It is certainly a growing issue in disadvantaged and deprived communities and is a lot to do with boredom’.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Do You Need or a Relative Need Help or Advice?

Here are some numbers U can get advice:
Parents Advice Centre (Belfast) - 028 9023 8800
Coda Project (Belfast) - 028 90 469 261
Samaritans (Belfast) - 028 906 64422
PIPS (Belfast) - 028 907 55070
You can also contact CFAD on;

Saturday, 18 April 2009

CFAD Community Action

At lunchtime today, CFAD delivered the following leaflets and letter to inform the wider community that a garage on the Antrim Road in North Belfast was being used/owned by two prominent drug barons to fund their lavish lifestyles and to also deliver and supply illicit drugs! After picketing the premise's for a time, we also picketed a second front used by one of these pushers on the Cliftonville Road. On behalf of CFAD, I'd like to thank those anti-drug activists from the IRSP, Eirigi, RNU and especially CoCAD from Dublin for taking part.


It has come to our attention that the Hub ‘N’ Bub Car Wash (behind the Jet Garage on the Antrim Road) is owned by two prominent Drug Barons, .............&..........................

We understand that this will cause a great deal of concern amongst customers, neighbours, and businesses’ in the area. The Car Wash has been bought with ill-gotten gains and is used for the delivery, supply and distribution of drugs.

This criminality is taking place facing the Headquarters of the PSNI Drugs Squad. The scourge of drugs is a growing problem which needs to be addressed by us all.

Signed; Concerned Families Against Drugs


It has come to our attention after weeks of observation that the HUBS ‘N’ BUBS Car Wash is owned by DRUG BARONS; ..............................& .........................as a front to launder the proceeds of their criminal enterprise and fund their lush lifestyles.
It is also being used as a base to deliver, supply and distribute illicit drugs! This is either being done with OR without your knowledge?
You have a duty of care to the men, women and children who use your business and to the wider community in North Belfast without being exposed to dangerous drugs and dangerous criminals!

Immediate action is needed by you to end this vile trade!


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

North Belfast News Claims CFAD Behind Recent Hi-Jackings

Last Thursday's edition of the NBN has outrageously claimed that members of Concerned Families Against Drugs were involved in this week's spate of hi-jackings in Ardoyne. It futher alleges that the membership of our group comprises members of several 'diss....nt' organisations including, the INLA, RNU and Eirigi'.

A chara,

It is with deep concern and disbelief that CFAD must once more move to dispel false rumours and innuendo regarding our group and its members. The local media; i.e: North Belfast News has reported allegations made by unknown, faceless and nameless sources that our members were involved in Monday's hi-jackings in Ardoyne. For the record let us state the following: - We are a community Group, not an armed group.- We were not involved in any of Monday's actions. -

Our only enemy is the drugs scourge within our area. We are also alarmed at the continuing vilification of our group by members of Sinn Fein. We have to wonder whose agenda this smear campaign best serves. It does not aid this group or the community, but only serves to strengthen the hand of drug dealers within the area. Why would the Party oppose the building of a radical anti-drug movement in Ardoyne? These questions need to be publicly answered, especially considering that we are not anti-Sinn Fein and many of our membership are indeed S/F voters.

It is also worth noting that CFAD members named by Sinn Fein have contacted Solicitors and International Human Rights organisations, in anticipation of continuing harrassment and arrest by the PSNI. Let us end by stating that all this vilification shall not distract us from our overiding aim - ending the drugs scourge in this area through radical community action.Le Meas,


Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Community Responds

CFAD activists taking part in a Picket

During the first half of 2008, drug dealing and associated crime in the Oldpark and Ardoyne areas increased dramatically.

In March, residents handed over 9,000 ecstasy tablets (see back page for photograph) to local Priest, Fr. Gary Donegan and community representatives.

Throughout that summer, Drug Pushers were responsible for a number of vicious beatings. One criminal even of kidnapped a local teenager and demanded money from his parents before freeing him.

These and other incidents forced a number of parents, residents and community activists agreed to consult the community about how best to tackle the problems. A number of public meetings were then held and from them, a new anti-drug group was formed to highlight the problems and pressurise local drug barons.

Since then, over 25 people involved in supplying and distributing drugs in the area have admitted their anti-community activities and agreed to turn their backs on the illegal trade after being confronted and challenged by CFAD.