Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Community Responds

CFAD activists taking part in a Picket

During the first half of 2008, drug dealing and associated crime in the Oldpark and Ardoyne areas increased dramatically.

In March, residents handed over 9,000 ecstasy tablets (see back page for photograph) to local Priest, Fr. Gary Donegan and community representatives.

Throughout that summer, Drug Pushers were responsible for a number of vicious beatings. One criminal even of kidnapped a local teenager and demanded money from his parents before freeing him.

These and other incidents forced a number of parents, residents and community activists agreed to consult the community about how best to tackle the problems. A number of public meetings were then held and from them, a new anti-drug group was formed to highlight the problems and pressurise local drug barons.

Since then, over 25 people involved in supplying and distributing drugs in the area have admitted their anti-community activities and agreed to turn their backs on the illegal trade after being confronted and challenged by CFAD.

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  1. And now those criminals are out handing leaflets too. lolol ohh the hypocrisy