Sunday, 27 September 2009

Lethal drug blamed for rise in number of people hospitalised

Ardoyne Priest, Fr. Gary Donegan & Martin Og Meehan of CFAD

A batch of a potentially fatal cocaine-based drug has been discovered just days after a young West Belfast man lost his life following a suspected overdose. The new drug, a type of freebase cocaine that goes under the street name ‘Magic,’ is being blamed for a rise in the number of young people attending local hospitals for treatment.
For the second time in weeks, CFAD discovered lethal drugs in the Greater Ardoyne area and met with two local Priests to not only highlight the ongoing problem but to also have these narcotics disposed of safely.
Concerned Families Against Drugs also take this opportunity to reject media claims that it was involved in issuing death threats against Ardoyne residents. CFAD are a community-based organisation campaigning for an end to the drugs scourge in our area and do not issue threats of this nature. It would be productive for the RUC/PSNI to give those people threatened proper information, rather than giving them limited news about their personal security.
For our part, CFAD continues the struggle against drug dealers who plague our community with deadly drugs.......

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