Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mephedrone and Young People

Young people in and around the Ardoyne & Oldpark areas need to be properly educated involved in drug taking. So as they can make an informed choice about the likes of Mephedrone, Yellows and Blues etc.

For too long, teenagers have been taking these dangerous drugs alongside alcohol. Leaving them open to all sorts of mental and physical problems. Added to this mix is the high levels of teenage pregnancies, STI's and HIV cases in North Belfast also. Does not bode well, after all young people are our future.

CFAD recently identified a female drug dealer who had made thousands of pounds selling and distributing Mephedrone to young people in the Cliftonville, Oldpark and Ardoyne areas. Our Activists spoke with this girl who admitted her secret life and was acutely aware of the damage she had caused her family and community. We also spoke with parents who assured us that their daughter would no longer be involved in the drugs trade.

CFAD are aware of those she supplied these drugs to for distribution and call upon them to contacts us before they are named and shamed to the wider community!