Thursday, 18 June 2009


Earlier this evening, CFAD Activists raided a drug factory in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. They seized a substantial amount of illegal drugs, plants and other equipment which was later handed over to a local Passionate Priest for disposal.

Concerned Families Against Drugs remain committed to ridding our community from the evil of drugs and this seizure is one in a long line of anti-drug initatives that our activists have been involved! Others such as education, naming and shaming of dealers and the picketing of homes of barons remain part of our long-term startegy.


  1. hahahahahahahahahaha breathe hahahahahaha cough hahahahahahaha you may be concerned but you know fook all dudes. you have driven that homegrower back into the clutches of the dealers you claim to be concerned about. what a bunch of pussies you are. dont you realise that during this recession sales of hydroponics have blossomed (scuse the pun) hahaha...i just smoked a blunt and cant stop laughing. he'll move his new seeds outside where the light is free, but in the meantime he'll just have to purchase the weed he loves from a dealer who overprices it, thanks to you. i do hope your proud of your marketing on behalf of drug dealers

  2. Congratulations to CFAD ! They are doing their best to deal with a complex & serious problem . I worked for years in a professional capacity & voluntarily helping people who had drug/drink problems, so i have a holistic understanding of the issues involved here.(Personally speaking , I would view alcohol as a much more dangerous drug than cannabis.) Widespread sales of alcohol to children should be treated just as seriously as narcotics dealing. Unfortunately it is a reality of today's society that cannabis sales are controlled by a bunch of local hoods who have no qualms about introducing minors to weed as a 'gateway drug' - they are only interested in profit.
    However,from what i can see CFAD put their community first & there are not too many groups doing that today ! Also, my understanding is that CFAD will help people who have a problem with drugs as addicts are often vulnerable people who are exploited by drugs dealers.There are many members of Narcotics Anonymous &/or Alcoholics Anonymous in north Belfast who will go out of their way to help ANYONE who seeks help with addiction problems and unlike statuatory organisations they operate on a self-referral 24/7 basis!
    Top marks to CFAD - the community is behind your excellent work !


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    "A quote from The Covenant."


    An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their

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  4. im from ardoyne and smoke dope.i agree with dealing with the hoods they have done serious damage to our area.but not every1 who smokes dope or grows a bit for personal use is a hood.go for the main dealers every1 knows who they are

  5. REF: Ardoyner, now if they do that then theyd end up shooting there own sons and daughters.

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