Saturday, 4 December 2010


Last week CFAD gave the North Belfast News the facts and photographs (see post below)concerning the Drug Factory in 21. Brompton Park.....To date the paper has failed to publish these, choosing instead to censor the truth behind why a known thug's Ardoyne house was used to cultivate and store dangerous drugs and poison young people.
Strange behaviour for the 'community orientated' Newspaper wishes to stand over the lies it printed on its front page two weeks ago from Drug Dealer, Seamus Baker. Has the NBN Editor, Maria McCourt a particular political agenda with little objectivity?
It is in the public interest that the NBN must re-interview Baker again, question him his direct involvement in drug dealing and publish his answers in full so the wider community know the truth.....

Monday, 29 November 2010

Drug Dealing Criminal and his Drug Factory Exposed - CFAD

Ardoyne Home Adapted into A Drug Factory
Drugs Evidence Still Evident at 21. Brompton Park, Some Five Days After Factory was Closed-Down by CFAD

Lighting and cultivated Cannabis plants in 21. Brompton Park

Charge Sheets Belonging to the Occupant of 21. Brompton Park, Seamus Baker.

Charged With Burglary, Assault and Disorderly Behaviour, Seamus Baker

On Monday 23rd, November 2010, a group of local residents discovered a drug factory operating in 21. Brompton Park, Ardoyne. They then handed CFAD over a dozen cultivated Cannabis plants and a substantial amount of Cocaine which were photographed before the Cocaine was immediately destroyed. CFAD then took the plants to Holy Cross Monastery for safe disposal.

Given an incorrect story published in the North Belfast News (25/11/10) regarding the Occupant of the above address. Concerned Families Against Drugs pose the following questions to the local Media and other Agencies who had knowledge of this incident:
Question: Were they aware that a drug factory was operating at the above address?
Question: Were they aware that Seamus Baker is on bail for robbing the homes of vunerable members of our community?
Question: Are they aware that he is out on bail for assault?
Question: Are they aware that one week after the discovery of this drug factory, that the PSNI have yet to remove the apparatus and remainder of drugs which remain at this address?
Question: Why has this man not been arrested and charged with cultivating and possessing Class A and Class C drugs?
Question: Why have the above facts not been exposed to the Ardoyne community? Is there a hidden political agenda at play by the local Media and other Agencies?

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Another Ardoyne Drug Pusher Closed-Down

Yesterday 23/11/10, Concerned Families Against Drugs was handed a substantial quantity of Cocaine and a dozen or so cultivated Cannabis plants (see photos) by a number of local people in the Ardoyne area. Also taken was other equipment used in the supply of illegal drugs.

CFAD Activist Paddy Larkin, welcomed the move and said the deadly drugs have since been destroyed. He also said the Dealer had been notified by CFAD to close his 'drug factory' immediately and end his immoral involvement in the drugs trade.

CFAD remind all those involved in pushing drugs that their anti-community activities are being closely monitored and we will continue to frustrate and expose these crimes.

Friday, 5 November 2010


Towards the end of October, Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) was contacted by the Republican militant organisation, Oglaigh Na hEireann (O.N.H.) who handed our Activists a large quantity of dangerous drugs which they seized from a West Belfast Drug Baron. The group asked us to not only publically highlight the availability of lethal drugs in working-class areas across Belfast but also destroy the batch thus ensuring that young people wouldn't be poisioned.
Soon after, CFAD contacted the Irish News and asked if the paper wanted the story and photograph one of our Activists destroying the drugs. CFAD subsequently gave a statement to the Irish News Journalists and was photographed destroying the drugs in their presence.
CFAD have now been informed that the Activist photographed faces prosecution for possession of drugs. We view this threat from the PSNI and PPS as nothing more than political policing at its worst. Particularly given the fact that well-known Drug Barons openly live in properties and freely swan about in their flash cars paid for through the proceeds of serious crime.
Since our formation in 2008, the PSNI and so-called Criminal Justice System have failed miserably to tackle the increase in the supply of dangerous drugs onto our streets. CFAD's record speaks for itself and people who live in Nationalist areas of North Belfast know only too well, the positive impact our anti-drugs campaign has had. We will not be threatened by possible hilarious charges from the State and continue to expose anti-community criminals who prey on our youth.
CFAD suggest, that the negative energies of the PSNI and PPS would be better spent questioning their inactivity in seriously combating drugs and related crime in working-class communities across North Belfast.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


The Batch of Lethal Drugs

Last weekend, C.F.A.D. was approached by senior members of O.N.H. who asked us to safely dispose of the above drugs. They had seized these dangerous drugs from a West Belfast Drug Baron. The Republican group also wanted our group to publicly highlight the growing scourge of drugs on working-class communities across Belfast.
Concerned Families Against Drugs congratulate O.N.H. for taking this lethal supply of drugs off the streets, thus ensuring that young people in the city won't be poisoned.
C.F.A.D. take this opportunity to remind parents of the sinister activities of Drug Dealers who not only prey on the working-class but who also freely operate right across Belfast. Everyone should remain vigilant because as you can clearly see from the picture above, that cocaine and heroin are readily available in our communities.
We also call upon Politicians to demand more funding instead of cuts and for better resources to tackle drugs, linked suicides and associated criminality. Young people need our collective support to cope with these increased issues. If anyone, young or old needs help and/or advice, please contact P.I.P.S., F.A.S.A. or indeed C.F.A.D.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Earlier this evening, (30/6/10) C.F.A.D. Activists uncovered yet another drug 'factory' in the Ardoyne area. Where was being used to grow, cultivate and distribute drugs to the local community. To our surprise and alarm, we also found a number of needles present, see above!

CFAD removed a substantial amout of drugs and other equipment from the house and delivered them to a local Priest to be safely destroyed. We thank him once again for his help to rid Ardoyne of this scourge.

Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) take this opportunity to remind drug dealers that their illegal activities are being monitored and they must desist from poisioning young people. For our part, we will continue frustrating their anti-community actions!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mephedrone and Young People

Young people in and around the Ardoyne & Oldpark areas need to be properly educated involved in drug taking. So as they can make an informed choice about the likes of Mephedrone, Yellows and Blues etc.

For too long, teenagers have been taking these dangerous drugs alongside alcohol. Leaving them open to all sorts of mental and physical problems. Added to this mix is the high levels of teenage pregnancies, STI's and HIV cases in North Belfast also. Does not bode well, after all young people are our future.

CFAD recently identified a female drug dealer who had made thousands of pounds selling and distributing Mephedrone to young people in the Cliftonville, Oldpark and Ardoyne areas. Our Activists spoke with this girl who admitted her secret life and was acutely aware of the damage she had caused her family and community. We also spoke with parents who assured us that their daughter would no longer be involved in the drugs trade.

CFAD are aware of those she supplied these drugs to for distribution and call upon them to contacts us before they are named and shamed to the wider community!


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

CFAD Expose Dangerous Rave in Ardoyne

'The Factory'
During the past month, Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) identified a derelict building situated between the Ardoyne and Oldpark areas, as being used as a 'Rave' and 'Disco'....
As a result of our investigation, we became aware that local youth (some as young as eleven years-old) and teenagers had been regularly frequenting the premises. Every weekend, the event was 'run' by drug dealers (whose identies are known to CFAD) who also sold large quanties of drugs and drink to these young people.
Our activists also noticed that the building itself was quite unstable and dangerous. While the roof was made of abestos and a potential fire hazard. As can be clearly seen above, young people using scores of candles to light the 'venue'!
These issues made the continuation of this 'disco' unsafe for our youth and CFAD decided to expose the ongoing problems to the wider public. With a view to closing the 'Factory' down, Concerned Families Against Drugs contacted a number of Community Groups and exposed the illegal activities taking place at Alliance Avenue. To their credit, those groups acted immediately and the building has now been secured and the 'venue' closed down.
CFAD thank those concerned for their help and appeal to local parents to once again to educate your children to remain safe and drug free.

Monday, 25 January 2010

CFAD Seize A Deadly Batch of Blues and Cocaine

Part of the Drugs Batch

During the past couple of years, many Belfast teenagers have become 'hooked' on 'blue bombers'. Every weekend, large numbers of young people also take large amounts of alcohol with these cheap but dangerous drugs.

Sadly the effects of these particular drugs have a detrimental effect on the mental and physical health of those taking these drugs. As one specialist drug nurse said; 'its turning normal teenagers into manics almost overnight'. The Nurse also told a local Newspaper, 'many are addicted to the pain killers, most in a terrifying physical and mental state'.

For the past few weeks, Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) Activists have been monitoring a number of Drug Dealers in the Greater New Lodge area of North Belfast. As a direct result of our vigilance we were able to seize a large quantity of 'blues' and some cocaine from one of these dealers. We have subsequently identified his drug contacts and from where he sourced his illegal batch.

Due to our ongoing anti-drugs campaign, CFAD are now active throughout working-class Nationalist areas of North Belfast, from Ligoniel to the New Lodge. We intend intensifying our activities over the coming weeks and we again advise dealers to come forward and make themselves accountable to the wider community.

We also ask parents to be aware of how deadly these drugs are and that your children are being regularly targeted by ruthless drug barons.