Wednesday, 18 November 2009

CFAD Highlight New Lodge Drug Find

Sammy Cusick (CFAD) with the Cannibis Plants
Early this morning (18th November, 2009) a number of North Belfast parents walking their children to school. Discovered the remnants of three large cannibis plants in the New Lodge area, close to the Star of the Sea Primary School. They immediately contacted Concerned Families Against Drugs, who contacted the School Principal and local community workers.
'CFAD condemn the drug dealers for leaving these dangerous plants outside school and urge local parents, youth workers and the wider community to be vigilant as to the dangers of drugs!
We also thank parents, the New Lodge C.E.P. and Principal for helping us take these safely off the streets'.
Drug Barons remain the most potent problem in working-class communities today. They don't care about ordinary people and only add to anti-social activity, crime and misery.

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