Tuesday, 7 April 2009

North Belfast News Claims CFAD Behind Recent Hi-Jackings

Last Thursday's edition of the NBN has outrageously claimed that members of Concerned Families Against Drugs were involved in this week's spate of hi-jackings in Ardoyne. It futher alleges that the membership of our group comprises members of several 'diss....nt' organisations including, the INLA, RNU and Eirigi'.

A chara,

It is with deep concern and disbelief that CFAD must once more move to dispel false rumours and innuendo regarding our group and its members. The local media; i.e: North Belfast News has reported allegations made by unknown, faceless and nameless sources that our members were involved in Monday's hi-jackings in Ardoyne. For the record let us state the following: - We are a community Group, not an armed group.- We were not involved in any of Monday's actions. -

Our only enemy is the drugs scourge within our area. We are also alarmed at the continuing vilification of our group by members of Sinn Fein. We have to wonder whose agenda this smear campaign best serves. It does not aid this group or the community, but only serves to strengthen the hand of drug dealers within the area. Why would the Party oppose the building of a radical anti-drug movement in Ardoyne? These questions need to be publicly answered, especially considering that we are not anti-Sinn Fein and many of our membership are indeed S/F voters.

It is also worth noting that CFAD members named by Sinn Fein have contacted Solicitors and International Human Rights organisations, in anticipation of continuing harrassment and arrest by the PSNI. Let us end by stating that all this vilification shall not distract us from our overiding aim - ending the drugs scourge in this area through radical community action.Le Meas,


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  1. I put it to you. That you lot talk bullshit and i reakon some of them attacks where and are directly connected with the dissident republicans that are the backbone of cfad..

    i see the credit crunch has hit and no doubt you plebes are all out of jobs... Nothing to do with you time that to terrorize the tye dye..

    Why not sort out the collusion between British army intelligence and the so called republican movement and its counterpart.

    False Flag terrorism is rampant with this world.. Don't play into their games..