Sunday, 19 April 2009

Do You Need or a Relative Need Help or Advice?

Here are some numbers U can get advice:
Parents Advice Centre (Belfast) - 028 9023 8800
Coda Project (Belfast) - 028 90 469 261
Samaritans (Belfast) - 028 906 64422
PIPS (Belfast) - 028 907 55070
You can also contact CFAD on;

Saturday, 18 April 2009

CFAD Community Action

At lunchtime today, CFAD delivered the following leaflets and letter to inform the wider community that a garage on the Antrim Road in North Belfast was being used/owned by two prominent drug barons to fund their lavish lifestyles and to also deliver and supply illicit drugs! After picketing the premise's for a time, we also picketed a second front used by one of these pushers on the Cliftonville Road. On behalf of CFAD, I'd like to thank those anti-drug activists from the IRSP, Eirigi, RNU and especially CoCAD from Dublin for taking part.


It has come to our attention that the Hub ‘N’ Bub Car Wash (behind the Jet Garage on the Antrim Road) is owned by two prominent Drug Barons, .............&..........................

We understand that this will cause a great deal of concern amongst customers, neighbours, and businesses’ in the area. The Car Wash has been bought with ill-gotten gains and is used for the delivery, supply and distribution of drugs.

This criminality is taking place facing the Headquarters of the PSNI Drugs Squad. The scourge of drugs is a growing problem which needs to be addressed by us all.

Signed; Concerned Families Against Drugs


It has come to our attention after weeks of observation that the HUBS ‘N’ BUBS Car Wash is owned by DRUG BARONS; ..............................& a front to launder the proceeds of their criminal enterprise and fund their lush lifestyles.
It is also being used as a base to deliver, supply and distribute illicit drugs! This is either being done with OR without your knowledge?
You have a duty of care to the men, women and children who use your business and to the wider community in North Belfast without being exposed to dangerous drugs and dangerous criminals!

Immediate action is needed by you to end this vile trade!


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

North Belfast News Claims CFAD Behind Recent Hi-Jackings

Last Thursday's edition of the NBN has outrageously claimed that members of Concerned Families Against Drugs were involved in this week's spate of hi-jackings in Ardoyne. It futher alleges that the membership of our group comprises members of several 'diss....nt' organisations including, the INLA, RNU and Eirigi'.

A chara,

It is with deep concern and disbelief that CFAD must once more move to dispel false rumours and innuendo regarding our group and its members. The local media; i.e: North Belfast News has reported allegations made by unknown, faceless and nameless sources that our members were involved in Monday's hi-jackings in Ardoyne. For the record let us state the following: - We are a community Group, not an armed group.- We were not involved in any of Monday's actions. -

Our only enemy is the drugs scourge within our area. We are also alarmed at the continuing vilification of our group by members of Sinn Fein. We have to wonder whose agenda this smear campaign best serves. It does not aid this group or the community, but only serves to strengthen the hand of drug dealers within the area. Why would the Party oppose the building of a radical anti-drug movement in Ardoyne? These questions need to be publicly answered, especially considering that we are not anti-Sinn Fein and many of our membership are indeed S/F voters.

It is also worth noting that CFAD members named by Sinn Fein have contacted Solicitors and International Human Rights organisations, in anticipation of continuing harrassment and arrest by the PSNI. Let us end by stating that all this vilification shall not distract us from our overiding aim - ending the drugs scourge in this area through radical community action.Le Meas,


Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Community Responds

CFAD activists taking part in a Picket

During the first half of 2008, drug dealing and associated crime in the Oldpark and Ardoyne areas increased dramatically.

In March, residents handed over 9,000 ecstasy tablets (see back page for photograph) to local Priest, Fr. Gary Donegan and community representatives.

Throughout that summer, Drug Pushers were responsible for a number of vicious beatings. One criminal even of kidnapped a local teenager and demanded money from his parents before freeing him.

These and other incidents forced a number of parents, residents and community activists agreed to consult the community about how best to tackle the problems. A number of public meetings were then held and from them, a new anti-drug group was formed to highlight the problems and pressurise local drug barons.

Since then, over 25 people involved in supplying and distributing drugs in the area have admitted their anti-community activities and agreed to turn their backs on the illegal trade after being confronted and challenged by CFAD.