Friday, 27 November 2009

CFAD Respond to Statement by Nigel Dodds

A Chara,

CONCERNED FAMILIES AGAINST DRUGS (CFAD) categorically rejects the recent statement by Nigel Dodds M.P. In which he states we are a ‘vigilante group seeking to usurp the rule of law and order and using violence’ for our own ends. Unfortunately, Mr. Dodds has used comments by the IMC concerning CFAD to accuse us of ‘indulging in criminal attacks’.

CFAD have never been involved in actions described by the DUP Deputy-Leader and are at a loss as to why the MP has set us up as a target? This dangerous felon-setting has now targeted us and our activists for arrest, imprisonment or worse, killing by Loyalist Paramilitaries.

CFAD was established in September, 2008 as a radical and community-based collective to campaign against the upsurge of drug abuse and associated criminality in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. Ever since, a number of Sinn Fein- linked Community Workers and certain Journalists have without evidence attempted to smear, vilify and criminalise us. To date, this particular strategy has failed miserably and in recent days, the Sunday World and right-wing North Belfast MP, Nigel Dodds have sought to link us with armed Republican groups.

We are an open and independent collective that consist of local parents, residents and community activists committed to tackling illegal drugs, raising awareness and building a safer community. We have also provided a focus for the community with a series of protests, exposures and of course community lobbying. We are not an armed group, nor are connected to any armed groups. The DUP Deputy-Leader, has yet had the decency to contact CFAD, ahead of issuing his allegations against us.

Finally we suggest, that the negative energies of the DUP/Sinn Fein and these Journalists would be better spent questioning the inactivity of highly-paid Community Workers and the PSNI who clearly do nothing to seriously combat drugs and related crime in working-class communities across North Belfast. Obviously this failure has created a void whereby Republican groups have exploited the situation. For our part, CFAD will continue to identify, expose and confront the scourge of drugs in Ardoyne and our anti-drug campaign will continue unabated.

Le Meas,
Martin Og Meehan


  1. A chara,

    I am very sorry to hear of the vile attack on your friend & your unjust arrest & gassing by the fascist RUC/PSNI !


    Vinceremos !

  2. ""vigilante group seeking to usurp the rule of law and order and using violence for our own ends""

    Ok ok ok.. Iskra you daft nonsensical republican flea bitten death supporter

    Prove to me that statement is UNTRUE<>

    is gaeilgeor mise agus thuig liomsa a ra o chean mo chroi go bhfuil me fein agus na muintir as hardeoin iontacht crosta leatsa, ta a fois agam cúpla daoinne inontacht tabhtacht san arm eire fosta..

    Collousion is the illousion

  3. Christopher airhead, you need to take up a hobby............

  4. Im christopher stewart and i dont hide behind a false flag. im a man, in ardoyne unlike you, gg punks..just telling it like it is honorary serf, ive seen the truth and you share not it...

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