Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Political Arrest Due to CFAD Membership

An Ardoyne man arrested last week in connection with an alleged gun attack on the RUC/PSNI during the 13th July riot and later released 'unconditionally'. Has said his arrest was politically motivated because of his involvement with anti-drugs group, CFAD.

Aidan Ferguson was at home last Wednesday morning with his Wife and children, when the RUC/PSNI smashed his front door down and brutally arrested him.

The 28 year-old was dragged from the family home and into a waiting armoured jeep in the full glare of television cameras which was later broadcast on the BBC and Internet. He was then taken to Antrim PSNI Barracks and held for around 24 hours before being freed.

Mr. Ferguson is a prominent member of Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD), the Ardoyne drugs pressure group which has held numerous protests outside the homes and businesses of drug dealers and raided their homes and confiscated substantial amounts of illegal narcotics.

'I have had a number of death threats, most recently after my arrest because of my involvement with CFAD. I have also been warned by leading members of Sinn Fein and others linked to the Party in North Belfast that I was going to be charged with something and end up in prison'.

'Afterwards, I contacted my Solicitor and informed him of the smears and vilification against me and that I would be blamed on something, I didn't do. I was set-up and identified by the same people, some of who sat and watched my unjustified arrest. I don't agree with the PSNI or Sinn Fein's strategy and that's why I was targeted for arrest'.

The Ardoyne father also accused the RUC/PSNI of heavy-handedness during the arrest and of tipping off the media about the raid on his home. (See Video on this Blog) 'They were completely over the top and a pile of them dragged me out of the house in front of my partner, eight year-old son and new-born baby. There were TV camera's there, ready and waiting and I was used as a political scapegoat for the rioting. The cops needed to be seen to do something and picked me'.

CFAD condemn the continued politically motivated smears and rumours against our members by North Belfast Sinn Fein and Community Inactivists who choose to to turn the other way and ignore the huge problems caused by drugs and associated crimes. That have led to the recent targeting and brutal arrest of one of our activists.

Nonetheless, we will continue to identify, expose and confront the scourge of drugs in Ardoyne and beyond. Our anti-drug campaign will continue unabated.

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