Tuesday, 10 November 2009

IMC Respond to CFAD

The following e-mail was sent to the IMC on November 5th, 2009:

A chara,

'It is with great dismay and disgust that we witnessed your Commission named Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) as being 'behind the rise in shootings and pipe-bombings in Belfast'.
Firstly, we would like to register our complaint that no-one from the IMC has had the decency to contact CFAD before including scurrilous allegations against us in your 22nd Report....
CFAD would also like to know, given the basis of your report. Where did you recieve your information? Where did the IMC gain this information from? Regards shootings and pipe-bombings etc, connected to drug dealers....CFAD have never been involved in such actions therefore, are at a loss as to why the IMC has set us up as a target? This dangerous felon-setting has now targeted us and our members for arrest, imprisonment or worse killing by Loyalist Paramilitaries.
CONCERNED FAMILIES AGAINST DRUGS (CFAD) was established in September, 2008 as a community-based, radical and campaigning pressure group. In response to growing problem of young people involved in drug abuse and associated criminality in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. We consist of local parents, residents and community activists committed to addressing the scourge of drugs and building a safer community. Our aim is to tackle drug dealers, through an effective anti-drug campaign and raising awareness about the dangers of drugs. Since our foundation, CFAD has provided a focus to reduce the availability of drugs. With a series of protests, exposures and of course political and community lobbying.

CFAD challenenge you (IMC) to produce evidence of illegal activity by our open community group and if not then retract your statement. Otherwise, we will seek legal advice on this serious matter'.

Is Mise,
Martin Og Meehan
Concerned Families Against Drugs

Here is the IMC response, dated 10th November, 2009:

Dear Sir

Thank you for your recent communication.

The issues you have raised have been brought to the attention of the Commissioners for their consideration.

Yours faithfully
Alison J White
Joint Secretariat

CFAD now await a full apology from the IMC Commissioners........

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