Monday, 29 November 2010

Drug Dealing Criminal and his Drug Factory Exposed - CFAD

Ardoyne Home Adapted into A Drug Factory
Drugs Evidence Still Evident at 21. Brompton Park, Some Five Days After Factory was Closed-Down by CFAD

Lighting and cultivated Cannabis plants in 21. Brompton Park

Charge Sheets Belonging to the Occupant of 21. Brompton Park, Seamus Baker.

Charged With Burglary, Assault and Disorderly Behaviour, Seamus Baker

On Monday 23rd, November 2010, a group of local residents discovered a drug factory operating in 21. Brompton Park, Ardoyne. They then handed CFAD over a dozen cultivated Cannabis plants and a substantial amount of Cocaine which were photographed before the Cocaine was immediately destroyed. CFAD then took the plants to Holy Cross Monastery for safe disposal.

Given an incorrect story published in the North Belfast News (25/11/10) regarding the Occupant of the above address. Concerned Families Against Drugs pose the following questions to the local Media and other Agencies who had knowledge of this incident:
Question: Were they aware that a drug factory was operating at the above address?
Question: Were they aware that Seamus Baker is on bail for robbing the homes of vunerable members of our community?
Question: Are they aware that he is out on bail for assault?
Question: Are they aware that one week after the discovery of this drug factory, that the PSNI have yet to remove the apparatus and remainder of drugs which remain at this address?
Question: Why has this man not been arrested and charged with cultivating and possessing Class A and Class C drugs?
Question: Why have the above facts not been exposed to the Ardoyne community? Is there a hidden political agenda at play by the local Media and other Agencies?


  1. Speaks for itself really. Either he`s a blatant grass or maybe made to look like one.

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