Wednesday, 3 February 2010

CFAD Expose Dangerous Rave in Ardoyne

'The Factory'
During the past month, Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) identified a derelict building situated between the Ardoyne and Oldpark areas, as being used as a 'Rave' and 'Disco'....
As a result of our investigation, we became aware that local youth (some as young as eleven years-old) and teenagers had been regularly frequenting the premises. Every weekend, the event was 'run' by drug dealers (whose identies are known to CFAD) who also sold large quanties of drugs and drink to these young people.
Our activists also noticed that the building itself was quite unstable and dangerous. While the roof was made of abestos and a potential fire hazard. As can be clearly seen above, young people using scores of candles to light the 'venue'!
These issues made the continuation of this 'disco' unsafe for our youth and CFAD decided to expose the ongoing problems to the wider public. With a view to closing the 'Factory' down, Concerned Families Against Drugs contacted a number of Community Groups and exposed the illegal activities taking place at Alliance Avenue. To their credit, those groups acted immediately and the building has now been secured and the 'venue' closed down.
CFAD thank those concerned for their help and appeal to local parents to once again to educate your children to remain safe and drug free.

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