Saturday, 4 December 2010


Last week CFAD gave the North Belfast News the facts and photographs (see post below)concerning the Drug Factory in 21. Brompton Park.....To date the paper has failed to publish these, choosing instead to censor the truth behind why a known thug's Ardoyne house was used to cultivate and store dangerous drugs and poison young people.
Strange behaviour for the 'community orientated' Newspaper wishes to stand over the lies it printed on its front page two weeks ago from Drug Dealer, Seamus Baker. Has the NBN Editor, Maria McCourt a particular political agenda with little objectivity?
It is in the public interest that the NBN must re-interview Baker again, question him his direct involvement in drug dealing and publish his answers in full so the wider community know the truth.....


  1. Everywhere there is Censorship and Fascism in this corporate media age ! Hitler is not dead !

  2. there is no evidence that there was any drugs found in this young mans house. the pictures shown are the same pictures shown for every so called drugs bust. and concerned families my arse. the group is made up of ceasefire soldiers who were bullied when they were younger and have some bones to pick. its amazing how these so called defenders of the people only pick on easy targets. mr baker is not a drug dealer and never has been. and answer me this. why is it that a certain high ranking member of cfad from the ardoyne area. who is in partnership in the ownership of a certain bar on the ardoyne road. allows herbal e,s to be sold from a vending machine in the toilets. strange!!!!