Friday, 5 November 2010


Towards the end of October, Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) was contacted by the Republican militant organisation, Oglaigh Na hEireann (O.N.H.) who handed our Activists a large quantity of dangerous drugs which they seized from a West Belfast Drug Baron. The group asked us to not only publically highlight the availability of lethal drugs in working-class areas across Belfast but also destroy the batch thus ensuring that young people wouldn't be poisioned.
Soon after, CFAD contacted the Irish News and asked if the paper wanted the story and photograph one of our Activists destroying the drugs. CFAD subsequently gave a statement to the Irish News Journalists and was photographed destroying the drugs in their presence.
CFAD have now been informed that the Activist photographed faces prosecution for possession of drugs. We view this threat from the PSNI and PPS as nothing more than political policing at its worst. Particularly given the fact that well-known Drug Barons openly live in properties and freely swan about in their flash cars paid for through the proceeds of serious crime.
Since our formation in 2008, the PSNI and so-called Criminal Justice System have failed miserably to tackle the increase in the supply of dangerous drugs onto our streets. CFAD's record speaks for itself and people who live in Nationalist areas of North Belfast know only too well, the positive impact our anti-drugs campaign has had. We will not be threatened by possible hilarious charges from the State and continue to expose anti-community criminals who prey on our youth.
CFAD suggest, that the negative energies of the PSNI and PPS would be better spent questioning their inactivity in seriously combating drugs and related crime in working-class communities across North Belfast.

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  1. Independent publication Ceasefire Magazine have mentioned this in their latest column on Irish Affairs , giving the full facts