Wednesday, 20 October 2010


The Batch of Lethal Drugs

Last weekend, C.F.A.D. was approached by senior members of O.N.H. who asked us to safely dispose of the above drugs. They had seized these dangerous drugs from a West Belfast Drug Baron. The Republican group also wanted our group to publicly highlight the growing scourge of drugs on working-class communities across Belfast.
Concerned Families Against Drugs congratulate O.N.H. for taking this lethal supply of drugs off the streets, thus ensuring that young people in the city won't be poisoned.
C.F.A.D. take this opportunity to remind parents of the sinister activities of Drug Dealers who not only prey on the working-class but who also freely operate right across Belfast. Everyone should remain vigilant because as you can clearly see from the picture above, that cocaine and heroin are readily available in our communities.
We also call upon Politicians to demand more funding instead of cuts and for better resources to tackle drugs, linked suicides and associated criminality. Young people need our collective support to cope with these increased issues. If anyone, young or old needs help and/or advice, please contact P.I.P.S., F.A.S.A. or indeed C.F.A.D.

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