Tuesday, 10 May 2011

CFAD to Incease Pressure on Drug Dealers

Concerned Families Against Drugs (CFAD) would like to congratulate North Belfast sucide prevention group, PIPS for its recent Action 4 Change rally held on the Bone Hills to highlight the number of young people taking their lives within the community.

As a Ardoyne based anti-drugs group, CFAD share the anger expressed about the growing drug problem which continues to take the lives of our youth. It was noted by CFAD that known Drug Dealers were unbelievably present at the rally,have they no shame?

As a result of the ongoing debate on how to address illegal drugs.
CFAD know the identies of these thugs who prey on vunerable young people. We give Drug Dealers seven days to come forward and make themselves accountable to the community. Those who ignore our call will be refused access to shops, taxis, clubs and other local services. These dealers in death will also witness hundreds of anti-drug activists, picketing their homes until they pack up and leave our community!

Drug Dealers have no place in our society and
CFAD will increase its radical campaign until their anti-community activities stop!

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